March 27, 2019

Past Life Regression is a topic that always stirs up interest. But do we all know what it is? 

What is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression is a process where using Hypnosis you are taken to an experience, back in time. This is achieved through the memories believe...

March 10, 2017

You hear the word hypnosis...

The image that comes to our mind is of a mysterious person swinging a pocket watch and putting the subject into a trance to obey his orders no matter how silly or ridiculous it may be. Who wants to act silly, be ridiculed and laughed at? No...

June 28, 2016

On June 20th the Summer Solstice coincided with the full moon making it a powerful time to release all our negative energies to make room for what is good for us. I had held a special meditation session for this release. When I began to write down my meditation script...

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