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Most people are not aware of what is an Energetic Space Clearing.  Energetic Space Clearing or Cleansing is very effective in removing all unwanted and stagnant energies and spirits, allowing healing and balance to embrace the home or office and its inhabitants.  Think of it as a blessing for the space.

Many people have come and gone in a house, as previous inhabitants of the space over many years or as visitors. Each one has left some of their energy in that space. Some of it may be good, some neutral and some not so pleasant or as we call it negative energy. The negative energy can create low vibrations which affect the inhabitants and create an energetic imbalance within them. It may be experienced in the form of low feelings, depression, anger, stress and can also eventually manifest in physical imbalance if not addressed for long time.

When a deep energetic cleanse is done the negative and stagnant energies are removed from the house in a systematic way and lovingly sent out to be neutralized by the divine white light. Each room is cleansed and then infused with the healing Reiki Energy to bring balance and harmony to the space. Depending on the size of the house, it can take up to 2 hours or more to complete the whole process. If the house is larger, then of course, it can take longer.


$175 - Small one level houses or Apartments up to 2 bedrooms

$274 – Medium sized houses (2 to 3 bedrooms), main level and basement.

$375 – Large houses, of 4 bedrooms, main level and basement.

* Separate rates can be quoted for larger than above mentioned homes or for offices based on the size and number of rooms.

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