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Meditation Testimonials

I love Nisreen’s meditation sessions. I feel that I leave them feeling both relaxed and energized (if that's possible!).


Thank you so much for doing this.


Tina Osborne


I have participated in a number of the Hypnosis Life Solution Meditation sessions.


I find Nisreen’s voice to be calm and soothing.


I look forward to this break in my day and come away feeling relaxed and renewed.


T Churchill

Sep. 2015



Nisreen's meditation is much more than just a meditation! She provides some education on why she selects specific nights to hold her meditation (like the full moon, eclipse). She offers an opportunity to write down anything we want to release (if it is the full moon), which she burns in front of us after the meditation. In the meditation she cuts all cords and releases what no longer serves us. She also prepares the room before the meditation by inviting in the angels, and you can really feel them in the room when you are meditating. Because of her hypnotherapy training, I feel she can take you deeper in her guided meditation than others might be able to. I also got very clear direction and guidance on where to take my business and how to manage an issue I have been dealing with for a long time, while in my meditative state. After the meditation she provides time to share our experiences, chat and pull oracle cards - which also gave me amazing guidance on what to do next in my life. I highly recommend this experience and I look forward to the next session!


Thank you Nisreen!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Oakville, ON



I have been attending guided meditation sessions with Nisreen Foda since 2013.  Her ever-expanding knowledge combined with her positivity & enthusiasm makes for an engaging experience every time. 


Nisreen always takes the group on such a colourful, interesting journey with her guided meditation sessions.  Her warm voice gently guides me through each scenario so well that I could practically feel the sand on the beach we were picturing in our last session. 


By the end of a session, I feel peaceful and more relaxed.  I apply Nisreen’s meditation techniques to balance and centre myself, so I can deal with stressful situations in a calmer manner.


Suzanne Thomson

Halton, June 2015


I first met Nisreen while attending her group meditation. Her style really resonated with me and I loved the fact that after the meditation we all got to share and have a discussion.  


After a few weeks, I ended up booking a Reiki session.  I was so relaxed and felt the energy right away!  Nisreen did not rush and also took time to share her knowledge at the end of the session.  The few days following I was so calm and almost felt like I was detoxing.  Old emotions came up which wanted to be cleared.  I feel that I will benefit from more sessions and am looking forward to the next one.


I would highly recommend Nisreen for a Reiki session.



Oakville, ON



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