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Your destiny as an evolving soul is one of endless growth and greatness. We're here as evolving souls to develop our highest potential while contributing to the greater good, a process that may require more than one lifetime. Exploring past lives through regression presents a completely new understanding of our own character. It may help you realize why you are drawn to certain places or have a particular interest or react to certain things. It has even known to alleviate certian pains that were simply memories from a past life. You end up getting a deeper understanding of your life, and its challenges. 

The main reason why people usually want to experience their past lives is plain curiosity. It is always intriguing to know what you may have been in a previous lifetime. What many people fail to recognize is that past life regression is really a therapeutic technique. They confuse the technique with the religious concept of reincarnation and since they do not believe in reincarnation, they dismiss it without examining its merits. Even if we believe that it is all imagination, we must realize that the mind choose to invent these memories for a reason. Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, each and every one in some way benefits from a past life regression.

Some people experience it and feel it was imagination and some instantly know it was for real. If one connects to the emotions and feelings when experiencing it, then most realize that it felt too real to be imagined. This realization can sometimes come later as you keep thinking about it. Personaly, I feel it to be very  real. It not only helped remove the fear of death for me, but also gave me a spiritual insight as I understood the meaning behind the lessons learnt. It is quite a profound experience. One that stays with you and you are able to then revive it in your memory  as now door to that particular life has been unlocked.


There have been innumerable stories that support how a past life regression can be beneficial. I highly recommend the book “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Brian Wiess, a prominent psychiatrist who stumbled upon a Past Life experience with a client in one of his regular sessions. I have been very fortunate to be able to take one of his two day seminars on it and learn some tips.

If you have ever been curious about it then you owe it to yourself to try it. As long as you don’t have expectations and have an open mind, you will have an awesome experience.

I offer one on one private sessions as well as group sessions.  Both are roughly two hours long with a little difference. 

In a Private session I ask the client to report back using their voice all that they see and experience which gets recorded. The client is emailed the audio recording once all the editing is done. In a private session we also experience the death scene as that can have some profound realizations. 

A group session can have 4 to 6 participants. All participants are taken through the experience and most will remember what they experienced. Since it a group of people recording is not possible. Group sessions are much cheaper. It's a fun experience to have with a group of friends or family and if you have your own group of at least 5 people, then the organizer of the group gets to participate for free as thank you getsture from me to get the group together. 

Please feel free to email me with any questions or book an appointment for 15min free  consultation. 

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Private One on One Session

Length: 120 minutes approx. 

Price: $250

Please email to book a session

Group Session

Length: 120 minutes approx. 

Groups of 4 to 6 participants

Get your own group of 5 other participants and you the 6th one joins for free.

Price: $77  per person

For information on the next Group session visit the Events page and scroll down to the section about PLR 

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