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Hypnosis Testimonials

Hypnosis always tends to conjure up negative images, thanks to the not-so-good portrayals of the craft in films. However personally for me self-hypnosis, or auto-suggestion as I prefer to call it, has worked really well.


Although I began self-hypnosis many years ago on my own without any training, it was not until I met Nisreen Foda that I was able to take full advantage of the powers of self-hypnosis or auto-suggestion.


Life experiences tend to leave an indelible mark on your conscious and sub-conscious mind. While one may be successful in overwriting the conscious mind with the current happenings, it is the sub-conscious mind that is difficult to overwrite. And, this is where Nisreen can really help.


Nisreen’s patient listening to your concerns and gentle probing questions help bring out the inner fears and concerns that need to be addressed. Her nature combined with the ambience of her consulting room puts you at ease. Gives you the confidence to speak about your fears without any restraint.


She works at your pace to provide you with a concise script that helps you slowly inject your sub-conscious with positive messages. These messages, with patience and constant practice, help seep into the crevices of the sub-conscious and push out the negativity in your brain.

I would strongly recommend Nisreen to anyone looking to bring brightness in their lives. I would, however, also caution people that this process is not magic. It requires a strong belief in the fact that you can influence your thoughts and requires patience and practice. Nisreen, in her own gently way, can only help guide you through the process. She can provide you with the appropriate tools which you can use to craft a new YOU.


Ananth K.


I had the pleasure of taking a session with Nisreen on Simson’s Protocol which is one of the Hypnosis Techniques she uses.


At the onset I must state that I had some intense personal problems and I took the session more out of intrigue and desperation. Before starting the session Nisreen put considerable effort into understanding my issues and explained in details how Simpson’s Protocol (SP) helps. This immediately put me to ease right from the start.


 Nisreen’s session was conducted with professional excellence and an inviting tone as she skillfully guided me through SP. I can still feel the calm confidence that I experienced while going through the process where it was conveyed by my higher self that it would work to help me overcome my issues. It is more than a year now since I took the session but I still feel the guiding strength of my higher self around me which I experienced in the session with Nisreen.


This experience with Nisreen was certainly one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I am writing this with great emotion and I would unreservedly recommend a session with Nisreen.




When I came to Nisreen I had a lot of issues with my self confidence. In just one short session she was able to take me under and boost up my sub-conscious using colour, my chakras, and positive affirmations. After my session with her my world really opened up to new possibilities and things have been getting better ever since. I highly recommend her for hypnosis. She is very down to earth and can explain hypnosis in a way that takes away any hesitation or fear you may have.

Alahnnaa Campbell

Oakville, ON


Dear Nisreen,

Thank you for the recent ‘mini’ hypnosis session.

As I was a little apprehensive  your reassurance made me feel comfortable and safe. 

We talked about a direction for this session and I chose ‘ confidence’.  The journey I was taken on certainly helped me find what was missing.  I felt much better later that day and by the following day my self-belief that I can cope or do anything  I set my mind to was wonderful.   I am forever grateful for what you helped me find within myself.

Thank you most sincerely.


Margaret B.


Holistic Life Solutions really helped me to pass a drivers test. After a session and the recording sent for everyday motivation really

helped and thank goodness for Holistic around. Best hypnosis service in Ontario.

Max Smith

Oct 2017


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