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Smudge Spray

Smudging is a cleansing process associated with ancient healing practices. It is frequently used to heal negative thoughts, emotions, energy within ourselves and others, Living or working space, etc. Reiki researchers and teachers, define “smudging” as a “non-traditional technique using the vibration of smell to affect the energy”. Smudging dates back thousands of years to China, India, and Tibet, where incense was burned and its smoke used to spiritually alter, align and cleanse the energy. Usually white sage, palo santo, sweet-grass and lavender are used for smudging purposes.

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I used to regularly smudge the traditional way when I had clients or events and also once a week just to clear the space in my home and office.  Then the family said they did not like the smell and the smoke actually set off the fire alarm a couple of times.  This led me to research for alternative ways to clear the space in an easy yet effective way. This research led me to making the smudge spray. I needed it to not only clear the space, but I also wanted it to add more positive and harmonious energy to make the space comfortable, peaceful and safe for all and it needed to smell good too. After a lot of trial and error and experimentation, I finally got it just the way I wanted.

When and where should you use Smudge Spray?

Smudging purifies the energy of a house, workspace, objects as well as mindful actions and activities. It can help with relaxation, rest, work, concentration, healing, meditation and much more. You can spray it at home, at work, in the car, while traveling, in the bedroom before sleep, to prepare for important activities, to purify the air after difficult events, or to help transform your mental or emotional state and clear energies before and after people visiting.

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Smudge Spray 200ml
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Smudge Spray 50ml

Shipping costs will be extra. Please email for availibility and shipping options  

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