Testimonials from Clients & Students

Taking the Reiki Practitioner course with Nisreen was enjoyable and informative. I gained a real understanding of the history and philosophy of Reiki. Learning and practicing in the supportive that Nisreen fosters, I feel confident about starting my work as a Reiki practitioner. 


Gillian M.


June 2017



Nisreen provided an experience that was both educational & professional & maternal.  I am truly grateful for the experience & have since had people come for repeat treatments since completing my training.  It truly is a gift to be a conduit of healing for others.  It warms my heart & provides nourishment to my soul.  A must have healing modality in healers tool belt.


In just one example: while working on my wife's head pain, using the protocols involved, not only did my wife feel better within 15 min after completion. She witnessed a golden apparition come to comfort her during the process. 


Miracles do happen. Intent & faith play a great part.


Sincerely Grateful,
Nelson Delgado, Mississauga

April 2018



My husband and I have had the pleasure of taking the Chakra Balancing course with Nisreen.  Nisreen is a person who puts her heart into teaching or healing.   She is very thorough, a great listener and is very patient while teaching.  I would highly recommend this course.


Rita Mustafa

Oasis Health & Wellness

April 18, 2018


I first met Nisreen while attending her group meditation. Her style really resonated with me and I loved the fact that after the meditation we all got to share and have a discussion.  


After a few weeks, I ended up booking a Reiki session.  I was so relaxed and felt the energy right away!  Nisreen did not rush and also took time to share her knowledge at the end of the session.  The few days following I was so calm and almost felt like I was detoxing.  Old emotions came up which wanted to be cleared.  I feel that I will benefit from more sessions and am looking forward to the next one.


I would highly recommend Nisreen for a Reiki session.



Oakville, ON


"I want to thank Nisreen for her kindness and Reiki energy. I met Nisreen at a casual coffee / networking meetup I organized a few weeks ago. In conversation I mentioned to Nisreen that I will be writing my last real estate exam in a few weeks. Without any prompting, Nisreen offered to send me Reiki energy during my exam. She asked the date and time and promised she would send me Reiki energy to support me that morning. The day before my exam Nisreen contacted me to wish me luck. 


I have to say, I don’t understand, but without a doubt, this exam was the easiest for me to write (out of 5 that I had to complete for my real estate license). It almost seemed effortless. I have to mention as well that I have been told that the Commercial exam I was writing was the most difficult out of the lot. I passed with a mark of 97%.


I have no doubt that Nisreen’s Reiki energy was a contributing factor in the seaming effortlessness of writing this exam. Thank you so much Nisreen. xo"


Monika Younger

Milton, ON

March 2018



I was looking for a Reiki instructor in my area and I came across Holistic Life Solutions and Nisreen.  We immediately connected once we had a conversation.  I was truly taken back with the warmth and accommodating nature of Nisreen.  I took both the Reiki I and II classes with Nisreen over a short period of time.  Nisreen was well prepared, thorough in going through the material and providing the practical application.  The environment is professional yet comforting.  I would highly recommend anyone that is considering taking Reiki for personal or professional reasons to take it with Nisreen from Holsitic Life Solutions.  She not only provides you the knowledge during the class, but will continue to support you after as well. 


Thank you Nisreen.  I wish you all the success.

Al-Karim Chatur

Oakville, ON

June 2018


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