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Superconscious connection is a technique I use to connect to the superconscious mind which is the part that is aware of everything about us. I then use it's help to mediate between the conscious and the subconscious mind to solve whatever issue the client is facing. This requires a fair bit of detective work as the superconscious responds in only Yes and No answers and if I need it to help me do something for the client, I need to be very precise. Not the easiest task with just Yes and No to work with. This is where my training comes in handy.


The method I use to connect to the superconscious is a combination of a few modalities. First I use the Advanced SP Hypnosis where the client under hypnosis gives the responses from the Superconscious mind. Alongside the hypnosis sessions, I also use my skills as an energy-worker and connect energetically with the Superconscious mind to speed up the process and get confirmation at various points.  And then using my  Reiki healing techniques, I use a Reiki crystal grid to send small dozes of Reiki healing continuously for seven days to help the client ease into the changes that may be taking place within them.  The combination of these techniques together have a pretty powerful effect in getting a resolution to almost all types of issues. Typically 3 sessions are good for resolving most issues but there may be times when more are required.


A typical session includes one and half hour to two hours of initial session of hypnosis either in person or over zoom, after which I work energetically for about an hour more. The first session also includes teaching the client to get into the deep hypnotic state themselves so that they may use it to get better results with their affirmations. If the client has opted for the 3 session package then I work another 20 minutes or so offline on  activating the Reiki crystal grid for them.   

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Superconscious Connect Session Prices


Single Session Fee - $250 

7 day Reiki grid activation NOT included

Pacakge of 3 Sessions - $597 

Includes 7 day Reiki grid activation

Please use the button below to book a free, no obligation free consultation time.

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Sessions can be booked for in-person or virtually over Zoom. 


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