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What Can You Do?

In the wake of all that is happening around us we ask what the world is coming to? Is there hope? Part of me gets over whelmed and wonders if it is right to be optimistic. What should the people of the world do? I search for the answer deep inside my being because it is there that the answer resides. Nowhere else will I get the answer that I can trust. When I look there the only thing I get is “Love Rules”. If we want peace and harmony it can only be achieved through love. Revenge and hatred only contributes to more of the same. We have to move away from ego based thinking to acceptance, humility and harmony. Instead of boosting their agenda using words of condemnation and hatred, let us speak of solidarity, kindness and harmony. Let’s not fight using race, religion and colour. That is what they want. Don’t play into their hands. Each one of us can make a difference in some small way. Think about it. In a dark room you need only one candle to bring light. Be that candle and encourage others to be the candle too. Little by little all the candles can light up the whole world. You ask, what can I do? Well, start by avoiding to speak about how you hate someone who did something terrible. Will your hatred change the outcome or create more of the same? I am not asking you to condone it but instead put that same energy into spreading love to people who need and deserve it. Send loving thoughts to them. You don’t have to spend money for that but you can change the vibration. You will notice the difference yourself. Try it. Light the candle of hope in your heart and refrain from talking with hatred no matter who it is aimed at. Join hands and hearts and spread love. We can do this. Yes, I have hope. Yes, I believe in the good.

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