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The Why & How of Reiki

Now that summer is kind of over and we are back to starting the new school year, getting back into the regular schedules, it is also a time to see what we can do to help ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Whenever I think about these 4 areas of wellbeing, I automatically think of Reiki. In my last newsletter that was sent out end of July, I touched on ‘What Reiki is’.

Now I would like to elaborate a little on it so that you can understand why and how it works. When we talk of energy healing a lot of people still think it is something out there and immediately form an opinion discounting it. I would love them to at least try to understand why it works before discounting it. I guarantee that once they understand the how and why they will certainly not discount it. It’s amazing that we connect to far and wide places via internet or using our cell phones without any wired connection and totally accept that as normal but wonder how can Reiki healing be transmitted over distances. Well, Reiki is also a healing frequency that is available in the atmosphere just like any other energy frequency. An just like you need an ip address or a chip installed in your phone to access frequencies, similarly in Reiki we have attunement process to install Reiki receptors so that the recipient of the attunement becomes an antenna that can now receive and transmit Reiki Energy. Therefore, a Reiki Practitioner is simply a Reiki Antenna and by virtue of Reiki Attunement is now able to receive the Reiki Energy from the atmosphere and transmit it to the client receiving the treatment. That is the simplest form of explanation I can offer.

If you want more scientific explanation then we talk in terms of Quantum Entanglement Theory which states that all humans and the quantum field are interconnected. All material things are made up of atoms (which are made up of subatomic particles- protons, neutrons, electrons etc), which are 99.99999 percent energy and .00001 percent matter. Think about it―every physical thing in our life is not solid matter but rather, fields of energy or frequency patterns of information. Every human being, along with every material thing in the Universe, broadcast a distinct energy pattern, and this energy carries information. Once two particles can be linked in some way, they will always be bonded together beyond space and time. So anything that is done to one, will be done to the other even though they are spatially separated from one another. What this means is that since we too are made up of particles, we are all connected beyond space and time. And due to this connection we are able to receive and transmit Reiki energy healing frequency to others right with us as well as across vast distances.


Now that you know how and why Reiki works why wouldn’t you consider learning Reiki to get in touch with your own inner healer. Yes, I can help you by giving you a Reiki session but to gain full benefits, you should be receiving Reiki on an ongoing basis which is possible by learning this amazing modality yourself. It is just a weekend course to become a Level 2 Practitioner which will enable you to give Reiki to yourself and others as well as perform Distant Reiki sessions for people far away. You can email me or visit the link below to see when the next class is scheduled.

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