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On June 20th the Summer Solstice coincided with the full moon making it a powerful time to release all our negative energies to make room for what is good for us. I had held a special meditation session for this release. When I began to write down my meditation script I got deeply absorbed in releasing my own negative energies some of which I was not even aware that it existed. This made me realize that we all seem to hold on to certain negative emotions or energies that we don’t even know about. Only when we decide to do these meditative releases, do they suddenly crop up. The release makes you feel so much lighter. We always think of those negative emotions that we are consciously aware of. But what about those deep down in the subconscious that have been buried long ago and we seem to have forgotten about it, at least consciously. They are still lurking behind and stopping us from being fully happy and blissful. When we start doing the meditative release, they come up and only then, can we release them. Huge releases are great and everyone knows that it feels good to get rid of them but I had underestimated the power of releasing those tiny ones. What a tremendous feeling! I do not have words to describe it. The only way I can say it, is it somehow made me feel full of light. That evening after the group meditation I went to the lake front and sat in awe watching the beautiful moon. That’s where I took this picture. The beauty of it held me spell bound. There were so many thoughts that went through me which could probably be material for my next blogs. For now let’s just focus on releasing negativity from within us and filling ourselves with love and light. We can all do this using visualization techniques that work for us. Make up your own. Take a few minutes every night to do this visualization and release whatever negativity comes up. I am sure you will have a much better and peaceful sleep. Do try it. I would love to hear from you about your experience doing the release.


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