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Hypnosis is Scary

You hear the word hypnosis...

The image that comes to our mind is of a mysterious person swinging a pocket watch and putting the subject into a trance to obey his orders no matter how silly or ridiculous it may be. Who wants to act silly, be ridiculed and laughed at? Not me. But there are some people who do. They like being somewhat of an entertainer. These are the people who will willingly act silly and do ridiculous stuff even on stage. Yes, pay attention to the word, willingly. Yes they willingly agree to be silly. Those are the people who a stage hypnotist chooses when performing on stage. If you are not willing no one will ever be able to hypnotize you. Most people who say they cannot be hypnotised are absolutely right. They can't be hypnotized, because they will not allow it. A hypnotist cannot make you perform actions that are against your will, values or morals.

So what is hypnosis?

By definition, Hypnosis is focused attention. Therefore, the higher your IQ, the better you can be hypnotised provided, you are willing to be hypnotised. As long as you are able to follow directions and focus then you can be hypnotised. The truth is, we are all hypnotised many times but are not even aware of it. Hypnosis is merely a trance state. You are in a trance whenever you are engrossed in a book, a movie, music or in performing a task with concentration. Your focus is on that one thing alone. Everything else is so far removed from your attention that you are not aware of them. You may mechanically do stuff but you are not consciously aware of doing them. What you do mechanically is driven by your subconscious which actually governs 80 to 90 percent of all that you do. Only 10% is under your conscious control.

Are you still scared?

Now that you know what is hypnosis, are you still scared? Of course, you are. You now fear that you will tell all your deep dark secrets to the hypnotist. I doubt the hypnotist is interested in knowing them, but even if that was the case, you would only tell if you wanted to. The hypnotist cannot make you say or do anything against your wishes. if you feel telling something may assist the hypnotist in helping you with your issue, then yes, you will divulge that information. Here I am referring to a clinical hypnotist and not a stage hypnotist. You go to a clinical hypnotist typically when you realize that you cannot consciously fix your issue. And rest assured that the hypnotist is bound by client confidentiality, therefore your secrets are quite safe and you will not be judged for them. The hypnotist knows how the subconscious gets programmed and is there to help you.

What if I get stuck in a Hypnosis?

If the hypnotist disappears or falls flat on his face while you are in a trance state, you will bring yourself out of the hypnotic trance after a while. Your innate safety mechanism automatically kicks in and you will wake from your trance state. You may be a little confused as to what happened and may have a headache but otherwise you will be just fine. Just like you will not do anything against your will, values or morals, you will not allow yourself to stay in a trance state beyond a period of time that you are comfortable with. So you see, you are always in control.

If this has intrigued you to find out a little more about hypnosis, then request a free consultation to find out if Hypnosis can help you or, just send me an email.


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