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Fear of Scarcity

Why do we live in the fear of scarcity? When I came across this quote in the picture above, I immediately thought that it is a topic I want to write a blog about. But what should be the title? I generally like to move away from negative phrases but sometimes it is that negative that needs to be addressed in order to bring the positive into focus. And this is what I would like to do here.

I have noticed that too many people are living in the fear of scarcity. They do not realize it. It has somehow become the norm. They live in fear of lack. They fear lack of enough drinking water, lack of money for a rainy day, lack of food, lack of goodness in the world, lack of compassion, lack of peace, lack of freedom, lack of health, lack of energy etc., etc. The truth is there is abundance of all those very things, but since we focus so much on the lack, that is what we always see. Whatever you focus on that’s what appears in your life. It’s the basic principal of law of attraction. You can test it. Focus on say green cars and you shall see a whole lot of them which you would have never noticed otherwise. Then, why not focus on abundance of all the things that you want to see in and around you. It’s worth giving a shot, isn’t it? Remember, you must stay positive in all that you think related to that abundance. For example, you want abundance of good health, you focus each time on how well you feel instead of what is not right. Instead of focusing on your aching back, you focus of the rest of the body feeling well and spreading that wellness all over you by being grateful for the functioning of the rest of you. Instead of focusing on not having enough money for something, focus on all that you do have and offer thanks for them. Appreciate the fact that you could have all of that. Welcome it and show gratitude. Take baby steps and see how it goes. Little by little you will notice the shift around you. Would love for you to give me feedback about how it worked for you.

I hear people all the time taking about all the ills in the world and how bad things are. Well, there are a lot more good things happing around us too. How about taking the time to notice those good things and commenting about them in your conversations. Think about what that will do. By talking about good things, the person you talk to feels a little good too. You have subtly changes the energy around yourself and the person you are conversing with. Suddenly they start sharing good stories too and the feel good energy seems to multiply. That is definitely a much better option. Next time, put a little thought in the conversations and see if you can shift it to something good. Then observe the difference it makes.

In line with this thought I have decided to focus my next Group Guided Meditation on Abundance. Would love you to join the group. The fee is only $10. It will be on Friday, October 14, from 7:30pm to 9:30pm at my Oakville location. An email reservation is required to attend. Please email me at Space is limited so do book early. For more details refer to the meditation page on my website:

Until next blog

Love and Light,


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