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What does Your Belief make you?

Everyone one follows some belief. A belief can be big or small, it can be cultural, religious, or a family belief. Whatever the belief, it governs your behaviour. Look closely at your belief and see if it is serving you or limiting you? Is it good for all or only a few? Does it help make things better or worse? How is it unfolding in your reality? If we pick something as wide as religion, each person’s belief is that the one they believe in is showing the right path and the best path. Now, is that belief helping general mankind? How is this serving us? Is that belief creating the issues we are facing in the world today? How is that belief showing up in our behaviour? Take a few minutes to check on your beliefs and analyse what your behaviour is, in its response. Is your behaviour kind and conducive to love? If not, then you need to re-think that belief and change it. Do your part in making our world a beautiful place for all of us.

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